Madeline Grimes is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer specializing in travel, lifestyle, and creative non-fiction work.

She spent much of her 20s in a frantic, frenzied search for adventure, the world's spiciest foods, and that indefinable, intangible je ne sais quois. She has sipped whiskey on top of a glacier, been mugged (twice), scuba-dived with sharks, been accused of carrying bombs in her luggage, required medical attention for a stubbed toe (thrice), and once on a hot and humid night in Phnom Penh after she had fainted from the heat and the thick black coffee she drank to calm her nerves left her hands quivering and her mouth dry, she heard a gun silence the dog fight outside her window. Her travels constitute a period that upon further reflection she deemed oxymoronic for she was the vagabond looking for roots, the traveling homebody, and the wanderer with a plan.

She is fascinated by people and places and how the two shape each other. She writes about the mundane, the bizarre, the realities, the delusions, the complexities, the simplicities, the unreal, and the surreal.

She has been published on the Budget Travel blog, MSNBC Travel, and ThisBoundlessWorld.

She would love to hear from you.


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